22 May 2018

New School year already in sight as John Lyon Head Boy team is announced

Preparations for the 2018 – 2019 School year have taken a step forward with the announcement of the new John Lyon Head Boy team.

As the current Upper Sixth year enjoyed their final regular School day on Friday 18th May before heading off on A-Level study leave, Edward Davey was announced as John Lyon’s new Head Boy.

Alongside Ed will be four Deputy Head Boys, Coco Rashid, Shourya Suri, Javier D’Souza and Jaimi Patel, all currently in the Lower Sixth.

Taking up their roles in September, all five will act as role models to the pupil body, regularly liaise with the Head and senior teachers, and have responsibilities in different areas of School life, detailed below.

Having learned of his appointment, Ed said: “When the Head told me I was John Lyon Head Boy I was genuinely ecstatic. I was unable to withhold my smile as I was given the news I had been waiting for so eagerly.

“I have been at John Lyon since Year 7 and the Head Boy has always been, in my eyes, a role model, especially for the boys lower down the school. I am eager to continue this legacy, ensuring the John Lyon community continues to flourish. I have many ideas in mind, with the intention of developing connections, both within the school and beyond.”

Head of Sixth Form, Mr Darren Boylan said: “The application, shortlisting and interview stages of selecting the John Lyon Head Boy team confirmed something we already knew – that there are many very impressive young men about to move into their final year as students here.

“We are sure that Ed will make a fine John Lyon Head Boy, following in the footsteps of Tom Salter, who will soon take his A-Level exams and go on to university. Together with the four Deputy Head Boys we are looking forward to see how they make their mark in the year ahead.

Edward Davey – Head Boy
Ed will lead the Prefect Team and Student Council during the next academic year. He will represent the School at a number of functions and events and will act as a role model for his peers. Ed will speak at key events such as Speech Day, Open Day and Open Evening. He will also have regular meetings with the Head, carry out various day-to-day duties and help organise other members of the Prefect team.

Coco Rashid – Deputy Head Boy (Administration and Events)
Coco will be the Deputy Head Boy that helps organise Events within the School. He will ensure all key events are supported by the Prefect Team. He will also oversee the Prefect duty rotas and help organise tours for prospective parents and staff.

Shourya Suri – Deputy Head Boy (Old Lyonians)
Shourya will be the member of the Head Boy team who encourages links between current John Lyon pupils and the Old Lyonians. Shourya will work alongside our Alumni Relations Coordinator to help build these valuable ties. He will also attend Old Lyonian functions and events to help explore further relationships between the School and its alumni.

Javier D’Souza – Deputy Head Boy (Oldfield)
Javier will have a key role to play within the Head Boy team, with responsibility for helping organise a team of Prefects to work with the tutors groups in Years 7 and 8, known as Oldfield. These Prefects will help mentor the younger boys to help them settle into secondary school and to build friends within the School. Javier will work to make the transition for new boys joining John Lyon as smooth as possible and to help get them involved in extra-curricular teams, clubs and societies.

Jaimi Patel – Deputy Head Boy (Charity)
Jaimi will be the Deputy Head Boy with responsibility for Charity. He will lead on the School’s charity efforts both in terms of fundraising and ensuring boys give time to the local community and local projects. Jaimi will help organise a team of Prefects to come up with charitable ideas and events that we can participate in over the next 12 months.