Goldhawk Diploma

The Goldhawk Diploma is a unique and central feature of a John Lyon Sixth Form education, giving expression to our belief in an all-round education. Taken alongside their core academic studies, the Diploma provides a focus for students’ personal development, helping them to develop the personal skills necessary to live a fulfilling and successful life. As students undertake the Diploma, our School Values guide them in reflecting on areas for personal growth.

The diploma is named after N P Goldhawk (OL), a Sixth Former at John Lyon from 1925-1927, who epitomises our vision of a John Lyon Sixth Former. Highly successful academically, and an all-rounder, Goldhawk served the School impeccably as both Head Boy and Head of House. He was also Captain of the 1st XI cricket team (see photograph below where he is seated centre front row), Editor of the Lyonian Magazine, School Librarian and Chair of the Senior Debating Society.



The Goldhawk Diploma comprises six components helping students to act on our School Values.

Life Skills

Throughout Sixth Form, for example, in our extensive tutor programme, students have the opportunity to develop highly prized soft skills, such as communication, teamworking and empathy. In exploring personal and global issues we promote the well-being and resilience of students.


John Lyon Sixth Formers have many opportunities to develop leadership skills for example as prefects, mentors, CCF NCO’s or school club or sports teams leaders.

Careers Development

A comprehensive careers and university preparation scheme equips students for university and the workplace. Students are supported in finding work experience.


All Sixth Formers are expected to give 2 hours a week to volunteering in local organisations, developing their sense of compassion, empathy and responsibility.

Academic Enrichment

Students have the opportunity to enhance their academic skills through participation in the EPQ, our study skills course, our Excellence and Oxbridge Programmes or our School Hiley Research Project. Students are also encouraged and supported to take the STEM CREST Award, Maths Challenges and the Chemistry Olympiad to name but a few. Our students therefore leave us as independent, self-motivated and curious learners.


As part of our commitment to an all-round education, Sixth Formers have the opportunity to choose from some 63 clubs, opening new horizons to them, as they grow into confident and interesting young adults.