Inspection and Good Schools Guide

John Lyon is rated ‘Excellent’ at inspection and Good Schools Guide reviews give an insight into life at the School and its ambitions for all pupils.

The school community transcends cultural difference and exudes an ethos of inclusivity

ISI 2019

A 2019 ISI inspection of John Lyon found the school to be rated the highest possible ‘Excellent’ in the two main areas of Educational Quality

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent

  • Pupils achieve superb results in sports, performing and creative arts
  • Pupils demonstrate very high levels of competence in communication
  • Pupils have outstanding levels of competency in information and communication technology (ICT) and its application to other areas of learning
  • Older pupils have extremely well-developed attitudes towards their learning, demonstrating leadership, initiative and independence

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent

  • Pupils demonstrate very high levels of respect for, and appreciation of, their cultural diversity, showing sensitivity and tolerance to those of different backgrounds and traditions
  • Pupils make excellent contributions to the school and community, fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to an inspiring level
  • Pupils are very socially aware and so are able to work highly effectively with others

A small, thriving school, with historic links to Harrow School, which provides a well-rounded, well-grounded education in a welcoming atmosphere.

The Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide remains one of the best sources of information for parents. All reviews are entirely impartial.

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What The Good Schools Guide says…

    • Parents believe the school gets the balance just right. ‘The grades are good, but you’re not made to feel awful if you’re not at the top of the league tables.’
    • A ‘rounded’ education given a firm emphasis, with a timetabled programme of ‘skills-based’ activities including everything from cooking to changing a tyre.
    • ‘People describe us as one of the best kept secrets in London,’ says the head, who clearly now intends the secret to leak out.

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