In Pre-Prep our emphasis is on making our pupils feel excited about their learning and showing children how they can develop to the best of their ability in a caring yet challenging environment.

Boys and girls join our Pre-Prep in Year 1, aged five. We provide a happy, secure, and stimulating environment, in which all children are encouraged to use and develop their talents as they grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Pre-Prep Admissions Information and registration

From Little Lyons to Pre-Prep

The Pre-Prep (Years 1 and 2) are taught in their own building in the main School.

The children in the Little Lyons and Pre-Prep frequently engage with each other through playtimes, assemblies, and a variety of different events. This enables the children to learn from each other, build friendships across the year groups and prepares them for their next steps at the Prep School.

The Pre-Prep teachers work closely with the Little Lyons team and the Prep School Staff to ensure there are seamless transitions through the year groups.

In the classroom

In these crucial first years of School, our emphasis is on making children feel excited about their learning and showing them how they can develop to their best ability in a caring environment.

We focus on building firm foundations in Literacy and Mathematics and ensuring the children are learning through cross-curricular themes and topics. The small classes have one class teacher and one teaching assistant, which means that each individual child is able to receive attention and support.

In Year 1 and Year 2, Mathematics, Literacy, Phonics, Science, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning, Religious Studies, PSCHE, History and Geography are taught by the class teacher.

PE, Games, French, Music, Art, Yoga, Swimming and Drama are taught by specialist teachers. The children also attend frequent Forest School sessions taught by specialists at Sudbury Fields, John Lyon’s playing fields.

A Pre-Prep day

The exact structure of a Pre-Prep day at our Prep School varies throughout the year and we pride ourselves on creating educational and fun days that go beyond the ‘typical’.

The school day starts at 8.25am (children can be dropped from 8am) and finishes at 3.45pm for our Pre-Prep children. They can attend a breakfast club from 7.30am and our after-school club runs from 3.45pm until 6.00pm in our Nursery building. A comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities are run from 4.00 – 6.00pm. Activities change regularly and typically include football, ballet, choir, chess, drama, tennis, art and Gujarati. Holiday camps also run on site.

Working with parents

Close contact is maintained with parents throughout the School year and there are regular parent / teacher consultations at which we invite you in to review and discuss your child’s development. A detailed report is sent to you at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms.

Experience has shown us that keeping in close contact is highly valuable, to help parents know more about their child’s time at School and to aid in continuing learning at home, and to provide teachers with a greater understanding of the children in their class.

Other useful information

Some areas of School life, such as pupil care, activities and School lunches are relevant to all Year groups. You can find details of these in the School Life menu of this website or at the links below.


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