University and Beyond

John Lyon students have a long track record of securing strong A-Level results, enabling them to leave School knowing they are well-prepared for university and work.

More than half of our leavers go on to study at Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. In addition to this, the calibre of our students means that around one in five of our students secure places at the prestigious University of London, with students going on to study at King’s College London, University College London, Queen Mary City and SOAS. 

In order to help each student succeed in their university application, we have a dedicated higher education team who oversee the process. Students also have access to the Unifrog platform as a resource to support their selection of degree courses and universities. Along with the Head of Higher Education, our Careers Advisor is always on hand to talk through all aspects of life after John Lyon, including the options on school leaver programmes in city firms. This is an increasingly popular option for those students who wish to enter such careers as banking without first going to university. 

 Oxbridge sessions, co-ordinated by the Excellence Team, and Biomedical Society activities provide further support for those planning to apply for the most competitive courses. In addition, small tutor groups in the Sixth Form means that individual guidance from tutors and the Sixth Form team is tailored to every student’s need. 

 Students also benefit from regular visits to the School by Old Lyonians who are happy to offer advice and guidance on the transition from secondary education to university and work beyond that. 

 Elite University Programme

 For our many students who perform particularly well at (I)GCSE, the Sixth Form offers preparation for Oxbridge and competitive university applications, as well as for those interested in applying for courses in Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry and Architecture. 

 Students benefit from four strands: 

  • Science Group
  • Maths (including STEP) Group
  • Liberal Arts Group
  • Biomedical Group.

 Aspirational universities and courses may require particular interview skills and entrance tests. Therefore, our Elite University Programme offers a system of seminars, mentors and a written guide, which supports students through the rigorous application process.

Popular university destinations for John Lyon students include:






Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)



University of London: King's College

University of London: University College London

University of London: Queen Mary

University of London: City

University of London: Royal Holloway

University of London: SOAS


The most popular courses and subject areas studied include:



Biological/Biomedical Sciences

Business/Business Management

Chemical Engineering





International Relations


Mechanical Engineering




 Throughout their journey, Sixth Formers receive detailed and bespoke careers guidance, regularly meeting with the Careers Advisor in Year 11 and the Lower Sixth to discuss degree choices and future employment options. 

 Additionally, the Careers department host a Sixth Form Careers Fair. The department brings our Old Lyonian alumni and many other professionals and industry experts into school to share their career advice. Collaborating with the academic departments and STEMNET, students are introduced to the world of work in the Science, Technology and Finance. Careers also offer a London CityWalk, an assessment day (a hands-on taster day of the popular recruitment methods used by large employers, with an external company), and support degree apprenticeship and apprenticeship applications and gap year planning. 

 Furthermore, students have access to and are part of a very extensive network of Lyonians working in every sector and across the world. The Careers department, working closely with the Lyonian Association, help students to network and draw upon the experience of the wider Lyonian community and in some cases to obtain work experience. All students are encouraged to engage in work experience.