Creative Arts

As well as being curriculum subjects in their own rights, at our Prep School we recognise the importance of Music, Drama and Art as extra-curricular pursuits.

The Arts are a vital part of School life, with all pupils given the opportunity to express themselves, whether that be by performing on stage, learning a musical instrument, or discovering the joy of painting.


All pupils are given the opportunity to have access to practical music-making at all levels, regardless of ability.

Many social skills are developed within the Music curriculum: enjoyment, participation, sharing and teamwork, self-control, self-confidence, self-expression and communication, to name but a few.

It is the aim of the Music Department that every pupil will be involved in some way with the musical life of the School.


Drama thrives here. Before leaving the Prep School, every pupil will take part in at least one play or choral-speaking production.

The importance of Drama is fully recognised, in that all sections of the School have an opportunity for public performances.


Art is a great strength, as a wide variety of displays of pupil’s work around the School continue to testify.

We are lucky to have the services of an Art specialist who is able to develop the pupils’ talents using a wide variety of media over their time at the School.