John Lyon has an active and connected community consisting of over 5,000 Old Lyonians across the UK and worldwide, who remain in touch with the School and each other.  The School organises and hosts a wide range of events throughout the year including reunions, networking and social events as well as keeping in touch via email, e-newsletters and our social media channels.

Our Alumni Community

Our former pupils are a prominent part of the Lyonian Association and many of our alumni have gone on to do remarkable things. We are proud to showcase some case studies of Old Lyonians and their inspiring journeys.

Liam Halligan (OL 1987)

After leaving John Lyon, our former Head Boy studied Economics at the University of Warwick, followed by an MPhil from the University of Oxford. Liam’s career started when be was living in Moscow, writing for The Economist (Intelligence Unit). He joined The Financial Times as the Political Correspondent and then become the Economics Correspondent for Channel 4 News. Liam continues to write his weekly “Economics Agenda” column in The Sunday Telegraph. Alongside his successful and busy career, Liam has been a John Lyon Governor since 2016, and in 2022 also became a Governor of Harrow School and the broader John Lyon’s Foundation.

Neil Enright (OL 1996)

Neil studied Geography at St John’s College, University of Oxford, after leaving John Lyon. This was followed by a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education teaching qualification and MBA from UCL. Neil is currently Headmaster at Queen Elizabeth’s School, having held positions as Deputy Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, Head of Year, Head of Geography since 2002. Amongst this he is also on the Governing Body of John Lyon School, Longfield Primary School and St Albans High School for Girls, as well as a trustee of John Lyon’s Foundation. Neil says his experiences as a John Lyon pupil and Deputy Head Boy have shaped his goals and ambitions as a school leader.

Shabbir Merali (OL 2010)

Following his schooldays at John Lyon, Shabbir studied Bsc Economics at UCL and began working in politics. He started his political career as the Economic Adviser to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, later moving to 10 Downing Street to work as a Special Adviser to the Prime Minister. Shabbir is now the Director of Intelligence at an AI start-up. Sabbir’s school experience proved invaluable for his career path, and he found it especially helpful hearing stories of guest speakers’ career paths when he was in Sixth Form. It was only fitting when he recently returned to the School as a keynote speaker to talk about his own career, as he believes it is hugely beneficial to pass those experiences on.

Max Marzorati (OL 2016)

After leaving John Lyon in 2016, Max started driving for the Motorsport UK Academy and in his first year was nominated for the Motorsport UK Young Driver of the Year, for winning his first three races. In such a short time he has grown his career, having the opportunity to drive for a new F3 team in the British F3 series, and is now the lead development and test driver of the Formula Foundation car, as well as presenting and coaching. Max has mentioned how John Lyon gave him a confidence in himself and how key it was in forming his career today.

Mayur Gupta (OL 2012)

Mayur studied Business at the University of Nottingham, after leaving John Lyon. Always focusing on giving back, Mayur interned in Kenya and Dubai, leading him to take part in the Year Here graduate scheme focusing on social impact business. Mayur now runs Career Accelerator, a 6-figure youth organisation which has helped 1000s of young people from diverse backgrounds prepare for professional careers through employer support. Since leaving he has spoken at 2 career events and attended the most recent OLA dinner, speaking highly about the importance of feeling part of a community, reconnecting with people, making new friends and helping the younger generation.

Shailen Patel (OL 1983)

After attending John Lyon, Shai continued his studies at the University of Abeerdeen and began his medical career. In 1992, Shai became a Resident in General Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine and since then has furthered his education and held various positions as a Consultant in Cardiothoracic Surgery, in both the private and hospital-based sectors across the US. While at John Lyon, Mr. Irvine had encouraged him to study Medicine in Scotland. Since returning to the UK, he has attended career events and mentors as he feels his experiences may enlighten certain students and help guide them towards the appropriate path in the vast expanse that is healthcare.

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Our Parent/Guardian Community

All parents/guardians are members of this community and are encouraged to be part of the Friends of the Lyonian Association’ to enhance the School experience by:

  • Promoting the spirit of the community within the School by organising a variety of events.
  • Facilitating and encouraging participation in the wellbeing and interests of our pupils.
  • Communicating as parents/guardians to the School for matters that affect pupils and families.
  • Arranging social events and fundraising for the School to provide additional resources and donations to chosen projects, equipment (outside the School budget) and charities.

Our parents/guardians at the Prep School have recently been able to donate significant funds to the School for a playground upgrade and additional equipment.

If you are a John Lyon parent or guardian at the Prep or Senior School and would like to join our Friends of the Lyonian Association, please sign up here.

We are committed to developing an engaging and interactive community that encourages all to participate and contribute to the life of the School and help shape its future. This can be done in a number of ways, such as supporting areas from events to fundraising to networking.