Time inside the classroom forms the basis of all we do at John Lyon, with a broad and inspiring curriculum taught by expert teachers.

We believe in a traditional education, delivered by specialist teachers with access to excellent resources, and backed by strong IT, giving children access to the wider world at their fingertips.

All children have the opportunities to work at their own speed, to be challenged to move to the next level and receive all the necessary support to do so, and to work individually, in pairs and in groups.

Our classes help foster interesting and interested children, confident in using the knowledge they have learned, and ready to move to secondary education.

Academic Assessment

Throughout their time at School, pupils are regularly assessed and their progress carefully monitored.

Pupils experience a range of assessments both formal and informal. Internal assessments are used to inform teaching and learning and ensure that our pupils have understood both skills and concepts before proceeding to the next level of learning. Formal assessments measure children’s progress against the cohort, both local and national, to enable us to gauge the child’s potential for future schooling.

A variety of testing is used, much of which focuses on the key areas learned in English and Mathematics classes, as well as cognitive ability testing, to learn more about each child’s reasoning, perception, memory and problem solving.

We look at every child as an individual, tracking them against the potential we know they possess, so that they can continue to work as effectively as they are able.

With the information we collect we are able to keep parents fully up-to-date with their child’s progress. Parents are also invited to  a number of consultation evenings throughout the year which allows for a direct discussion with their child’s Form Teacher and subject specialists. In addition, parents can access the various staff at any time, both informally after School or through a formal appointment.

Reports are issued three times a year: a brief target report in the Autumn and Spring Terms and a full subject report at the end of the Summer Term.

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