Pastoral Care

At John Lyon, our commitment to pastoral care and support, especially our students’ wellbeing, is paramount.

The Sixth Form at John Lyon is built upon a prove system of pastoral care based on small tutor groups, enabling students to receive the close attention and support required to thrive in the Sixth Form.

We recognise that as students progress to Sixth Form, the pressure to work hard and achieve results can increase and that each student reacts differently to this. Our full-time in-house counsellor, Mrs Laura Herman, is central to the provision of specialist pastoral care and support for our Sixth Form  students, offering insight and understanding to enable them to not only better take care of their own mental health but to identify when they may be in need of additional help.

The Sixth Form’s PSCHE programme is delivered by tutors in tutorial sessions and by Sixth Form staff as part of the Co-Curricular Programme. It includes topics such as safe driving, sex education, drug and alcohol use, personal finance, physical and online safety, times of transition, healthy lifestyle, dealing with bereavement and emotional wellbeing, with strategies taught for keeping safe and well in the present, as well as at university and beyond.

Peer Mentoring

The School also runs a successful peer mentoring programme in the Sixth Form, offering older boys the valuable opportunity to support younger members of the School community. School Counsellor Mrs Laura Herman trains pupils to be successful mentors with a focus on listening, communication skills, values, boundaries, confidentiality and keeping safe.