Year 7 (11+)

Welcome to our 11+ Admissions page.  Your application journey starts here.  

Key Dates

11+ Registration closing date Thursday 31 October 2024
Closing date for Bursary applications Thursday 31 October 2024
Closing date for Art, Drama, Sport and STEAM Scholarship applications Thursday 31 October 2024
11+ Entrance Examination dates Wednesday 20 November, Thursday 21 November,
Wednesday 27 November, Thursday 28 November
11+ Offer letters emailed Friday 14 February 2025
Closing date for 11+ Acceptance Wednesday 5 March 2025

Visit us

Most families begin their educational journey with us by attending one of the School in Action open mornings. Our open morning offers you a firsthand glimpse into our ethos, values and educational philosophy. You will also have the opportunity to speak with pupils and staff, including members of our Senior Leadership Team and Admissions department.  

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Registration is the next step for families who wish their child to be considered for a place at John Lyon. 

A registration fee is payment towards the administration of your child’s application and their entrance examinations. This fee is non-refundable. When completing your online registration form, you will be asked to upload a copy of your child’s passport and their latest School report. This will preferably be your child’s end of Year 5 School report. 


Entrance examinations

To join us in Year 7, your child must be 11 years old by 1 September in the year they are due to start.  

Shortly before or just after the registration closing date, you will receive an invitation for your child to come to the School for an entrance exam day. This assessment will take place in November or December, when your child is in Year 6.  

The entrance examination is in three parts: 

  • English written examination (45 minutes) 
  • Mathematics written examination (45 minutes) 
  • Group activity and discussion 

Group Activity

As part of the entrance examinations day, pupils take part in a group activity. These are not academic tests. Instead, they provide an opportunity for us to see how your child responds to different problems and how they work in practical circumstances. As a school that values potential, we observe these activities to judge the ‘teachability’ of potential Lyonians and what they will add to our School community. 

Group Discussion

Your child will not be formally interviewed. They will be asked to discuss a topic within a group. The topic may be academic, based on current affairs or similar. It is an opportunity for your child to tell us more about their interests and aspirations and ask us questions. This is tailored to be an enjoyable experience for your child. Our experience is that many pupils have fun in our group activity and discussions and leave us smiling! 

No preparation is required for the group activity or discussion. 

Sample Papers

Our sample papers are of a similar format and difficulty level to our actual exam papers. They cover a wide range of subjects and topics, providing pupils with valuable practice and insight into exam expectations. 

School Reference

We will request a confidential reference from your child’s current school as part of our Admissions process 

Offers and Acceptances

We email our 11+ offer letters just before February half term and invite successful candidates and their parents/guardians to attend our Offer Holder event before the 11+ acceptance closing date.  

If an offer of a place is made and you wish to accept your child’s place, you will be asked to read our Terms & Conditions, complete the Confirmation of Acceptance form and pay the Confirmation of Acceptance fee. There may be some additional forms to complete, depending on the year and type of entry. These will be included along with your offer letter. The Confirmation of Acceptance fee is refundable when your child leaves the School. 

Full terms and conditions are set out in the Parent Contract and Annual Update of Fees and Optional Extras, which are both available on request from our Admissions team. 

Admission fees

Registration fee £150
Confirmation of Acceptance fee £1,000 (UK Resident)
£3,000 (Overseas resident)

Frequently Asked Questions

How has the co-ed move worked out?
The move has been very positive, for all our pupils and entire community. Pleasingly, from an academic perspective, girls and boys are thriving in our co-ed environment. They are also flourishing in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities such as Sports, Drama and Music. Our concerts and drama productions now have a wider variety of participants, which has been enriching, and we are also able to enter a number of Sports fixtures as we have boys-only, girls-only and mixed co-ed teams. Higher education, the workplace and indeed life is diverse and rich. We believe that school shuld be the same and we are preparing children to succeed here and beyond their studies.

Can I apply for both scholarship and bursary?
Yes, you can apply for both at the time of registering your child.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes, please see scholarship application forms for criteria.

When will 11+ examinations take place?
For 11+, candidates are assessed in the autumn term, when they are in Year 6.

What are your selection criteria?
11+ selection is based upon performance in our entrance examinations, school reports, school reference, group discussion and group activity.

When will I hear about results/offers?
We will email the results to you in the second week of February.

Is lunch included in the school fees?
Yes, unlike most other schools in the area, we do not charge extra for lunch.

If my child is unsuccessful in securing a place at 11+, can they reapply at 13+?
Yes, we encourage families to try again at 13+.

Do you offer deferred entry?

If my child is unsuccessful in their scholarship assessment, will there be another opportunity for them to apply?
Yes, once they become a pupil, teachers can recommend them for the scholarship.

Do the candidates get assessed in verbal and non-verbal skills?

How do I get access to sample papers?
Sample papers are available on our website here.

Do you offer a coach service?
We offer a comprehensive coach service, which is heavily subsidised by the School and takes pressure off families at drop-off and pick-ups. We encourage use of our coaches for not only your convenience and ease, but aloso for our collective sustainability efforts. To read more, please click here.