Beyond the Curriculum

One of the great aspects of Sixth Form in a 3 to 18 school like John Lyon is the opportunity for students to experience much more beyond the classroom.

A solid academic grounding is key, but time and time again we see that busy students are successful students. As such there are great opportunities for students to explore their passions or discover new ones, through off-curriculum learning, sport, drama, music, art, charity and voluntary work, mentoring and educational visits within the UK and beyond. 

Life Skills

Throughout Sixth Form, students have the opportunity to develop highly prized soft skills, such as communication, teamworking and empathy. In exploring personal and global issues we promote the wellbeing and resilience of students, especially in our extensive tutor programme and weekly Goldhawk Lectures. Lower Sixth students experience a week of Enrichment focussing on the development of personal skills. 

Leadership and Community

We encourage our Sixth Formers to be student leaders in the School for John Lyon, with opportunities to join the Head Boy Team, overseeing charity events, the production of Sixth Form publications, co-ordinating the student mentoring programme, promoting awareness of equality and diversity issues, leading the School’s sustainability drive, promoting academic excellence and enrichment in the Sixth Form and wider school, leading the student council and developing links between older students, younger pupils and the wider Lyonian Community. As prefects, students have the opportunity to support the above areas, to serve on the duty rota and to act as ambassadors for the School at events and in the community.  

Students also have the opportunity to lead and set up school clubs, to serve in our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) as Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and in the Audio-Visual Team, to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and to lead one of our many sports teams. 

The Blackwell Volunteering Programme

Living out our School value of Community and developing their sense of compassion, empathy and responsibility, all students take part in our volunteering programme. This is either onsite with pupils from our Prep School and visiting schools mentoring them in art, science and sports workshops, or within the wider community with many outside partners, ranging from local schools to food kitchens and foodbanks to youth and law centres. 


Sport is hugely important at John Lyon, and no less so in the Sixth Form. Students have access to excellent facilities and specialist coaches who encourage them to push themselves to be the best they can possibly be. 

A wide range of sports includes, among others, football, cricket, hockey, basketball, water polo, badminton, athletics, tennis, golf, rock climbing, sailing and judo. We play many competitive fixtures and national competitions in all sports on offer. Students at John Lyon are supported in their sporting endeavours both inside and outside school, and we have several students who play at a high level or who go on to contracts in professional sport. 

The arts

Music, Drama and Art are all offered as academic subjects at A-Level, and we also realise the importance of the arts to students who wish to continue one of more of these disciplines even if they do not wish to pursue them academically. 

Many Sixth Form students are active in the musical, dramatic and artistic life of the School and are given the opportunity to take part in concerts, perform on stage or create works for exhibitions, through extra-curricular clubs and societies and through the School’s co-curricular programme. 


The idea of philanthropy, charity and giving has been at the heart of John Lyon since its founding and it is largely through the endeavours of Sixth Form students that this spirit continues to this day. Every year numerous community projects take place both inside and outside School and there are regular fundraising drives spearheaded by students. Recent community work includes the creation and delivery of a Classics course to primary school children and a record-breaking £10,000 fundraising effort for the Movember charity.

Trips and exchanges

John Lyon believes in giving student the opportunity to explore new and different thoughts, beliefs, cultures and horizons – whether they be in London, the wider UK or across the world.

Our strong links with the Harrow International Schools have helped open opportunities across Asia and a World Volunteer trip to Laos is now a firm fixture in the calendar. There are also regular Sport and Music tours overseas, educational visits to places such as CERN in Switzerland and well-established opportunities afforded by schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Social Life

Each September Sixth Form begins with an induction event for the Lower Sixth, when all students join together to undertake tasks and challenges followed by a formal meal, which strengthens the bonds both with their peers and the Sixth Form staff that will support them in the two years ahead.

The facilities available to students also foster an environment of friendship, within the classroom and social areas of the Thomas Blackwell Sixth Form Centre and also in the newly refurbished Sixth Form cafe.

The School helps students plan and arrange a number of social events throughout the year, culminating with the Leavers’ Ball in July.

Goldhawk Diploma

Much of what is expected of the John Lyon Sixth Former is encapsulated by the Goldhawk Diploma, for which boys are required to fully commit to all the Sixth Form has to offer. All students complete the qualification which works to develop their academic curiosity, employability, resilience, leadership and soft skills.