Beyond the Classroom


We provide a range of flexible childcare options to support busy families.

Offering a breakfast club, after school care, after school club and holiday club demonstrates our commitment to creating a safe and inspiring environment for children and an opportunity for them to socialise, learn new skills and explore their interests during out of hours. These provisions are designed to be valuable to both parents and their children’s wellbeing and time.

Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club is a convenient option for parents who need to drop their children off early in the morning. These clubs ensure that children have a nutritious snack to start their day, setting a positive tone for their learning and development. The Club runs between 07:30 to 08:20, however children can leave the club at 08:00 for playtime before registration commences at 08:30. Breakfast includes a variety of cereals and toast with a choice of spreads. Pupils have an array of activities on offer such as puzzles, colouring and board games.


After School Care

Divided into two groups, the after-school care provides parents peace of mind that their children are well looked after until they are collected from School. This provision of care provides an opportunity for the pupils to get ahead with their homework and build their social skills with other pupils. The Club runs from 16:00 to 17:00 and 17:00 to 18:00 (charged by the hour). Quainton’s Little Lyons (Nursery and Reception years), Year 1 and Year 2 are in the Nursery building and collection is from Radnor Road. Year 3 to Year 6 are based in the Dining Hall and collection is from the main school entrance on Hindes Road. At 5pm, all those children left in the Dining Hall are sent to join the others in the Nursery Building. Collection after 5pm is made from the Radnor Road entrance. Snacks are provided by parents.


After School Activity Clubs

After-school activity clubs can be incredibly valuable for parents who need their children to be cared for after regular school hours. With a wide range of activities available, your child will be cared for by our qualified staff. The Clubs are offered from an early age, with many extra-curricular opportunities. Children are encouraged to take part in at least one extra- curricular activity per term, selected from a wide variety offered – this could be taekwondo, chess, orchestra, tennis, or many more.

All extra-curricular activities offer pupils the opportunity to improve their skills in some aspect of their education; they are designed to broaden each child’s learning experience and to develop their talents, skills and interests – whether it is sport, drama, art or languages, there is something for everyone!



The School holiday club, run by Crazy Camp and is Ofsted registered, is a fantastic Club for parents during school breaks. It offers childcare outside of term times, providing peace of mind for working parents who may not have the same time off as their children. This way, parents can rest assured that their children are being well taken care of and engaged in enjoyable activities during holidays.


“Nothing matters more than security, transparency and trust, and Crazy camps excel in all these aspects. Also, the variety of activities they provide keeps our little monsters engaged and happy, often preferring to stay at camp rather than coming back home! We highly recommend Crazy camps to any parents seeking a nurturing and secure environment for their children. We have two kids in a different age groups and both love going there, and it’s all thanks to the amazing team.”


“I thought the camp was well organised, with a smooth booking process and really helpful staff.”


“My daughter really enjoyed her time at Crazy Camp and is already looking forward to summer camp. The staff are friendly too.”