12 March 2024

Winners of the Young Art competition at the Royal College of Art

Last year in December, pupils from Reception to Year 6 poured their creativity into producing artwork to submit for the Young Art annual exhibition that was to be held at the Royal College of Art in April 2024. This annual event raises money for vital research into children cancers, and cause the School proudly takes part in each year.

We’re thrilled to share that 18 pieces from our pupils have been chosen for display in this year’s exhibition, running from April 23 to 26. Among them, three artworks received high commendation, while three others were commended by the judges. This achievement is truly remarkable for our young artists, as they look forward to seeing their creations showcased.

Congratulations and well done to each one of them!

Here’s the list of accomplished artists:
Viya – Reception
Lily and Aisha – Year 1
Evita and Durjayesh – Year 2
Aarav, Daniel, Ayra and Aarya – Year 3
Aadya, Tongxi and Lascelle-Monae – Year 4
Jasmine, Shreya, Nieve Bella, Viraj, Meher and Eshan – Year 5
Hiya – Year 6