20 May 2022

The Tempest

The Drama department delivered its 3rd major production of the academic year during the first half of this summer term with a modern reimagination of Shakespeare’s much loved The Tempest.

Performed in the Boyd Campbell Hall, the cast and crew from Year 7 to Year 10, collaborated to deliver an exciting and vivid story using modern technology, projection and dynamic visuals.  Two performances were held in May, and both were delivered to a high standard to packed audiences.

In preparation for the production, the cast and crew had the amazing opportunity to work with professional movement specialist Lisa Lee, who recently choreographed the Queen’s Jubilee Royal Windsor Horse Show.  They also performed an abridged version of the play at the Harrow and the Hill Community Day, a large event which marked Harrow School’s 450th anniversary, in April.  These were great learning opportunities, which alongside the ferocious commitment and dedication put in by the team over the past few months truly helped make The Tempest a great success.