Thursday 17th October 2019

Our theme EARTH saw pupils, teachers and esteemed subject experts explore the Blue Planet’s place in the universe, the beauty and power of our world, the landscapes and environments that shape our daily lives, the nations and tribes that label and define us, and solutions to some of the problems facing humanity.

All talks were professionally filmed during the event and will be made available on the TEDx Youtube channel soon.


Extraterrestrials – why they’re almost certainly out there…
Jai Davison, Year 8 pupil Is the Earth doomed to die young?
Varun Valentine, Year 10 pupil Let’s save the pollinators
Dr Morgan White, Head of Economics, John Lyon Earth alienation, world alienation and the impossibility of education
Tanvir Handa and Dhiren Mahajan, Year 9 and Year 10 pupils Saving the Earth by saving ourselves
Mrs Maria Trafford, Teacher of English, John Lyon Fear of the flood
Husain Abedi, Upper Sixth student and Head Boy Yes, we can!
Mr Joshua Carr, Teacher of Chemistry, John Lyon The alchemic gold diggers
Rishi Luthra, Upper Sixth student Overpopulation is an underwater problem
Mr Matt Dickinson, author and explorer Everest: too high a price
Ashil Shah, Lower Sixth student Food of the future
Mr Zaki Cooper, communications professional One Earth, many religions

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