12 July 2021

State-of-the-art Science equipment arrives as new Patani Laboratory is opened

New Science equipment has arrived at John Lyon thanks to the generous support of the father of two Old Lyonians.

Ramesh Patani, father of Neill Patani (OL1997) and Rickie Patani (OL1998) came to School on Tuesday 6th July to open the new Patani Laboratory, named in memory of his late brother Dinesh Rambhaben Jamnadas, a pharmacist who sadly lost his life while only in his twenties.

Alongside Dinesh’s best friend Avinash Patel, Mr Patani cut the ribbon on the laboratory, which now bears the name of his brother above the door.

Through a generous gift, the School has now received valuable science equipment which will be used by pupils in all years as part of their studies.

This includes a mini gas chromatograph and a digital polarimeter in Chemistry to analyse organic compounds and distinguish between pairs of chiral molecules; a drosophila incubator in Biology to help with the study and care of reptiles and insects; and an electron deflection tube and Helmholtz coil in Physics to study the effects of electric and magnetic fields.

The School will also inaugurate an annual Patani Lecture, at which an expert scientific speaker will be invited to enthuse and stretch aspiring scientist pupils.

Speaking after the opening, John Lyon’s Development Coordinator, Mrs Khadija Ansari, said: “The Patani family chose to make this lasting memory by donating so generously to the School, and what a wonderful way to end the School year with something so positive and uplifting, in memory of Dinesh, who was clearly much loved. We thank Mr Patani for his  support in opening of the Patani Laboratory and for enabling the purchase of science equipment more usually seen in universities than in schools to help further our pupils’ understanding and passion for the sciences.”

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