Psychology is an interesting subject that provides us with a broad understanding of human and animal behaviour, looking at the external and internal processes associated with it.

There are also many areas of interest that appeal to different people for various reasons. For example, while some are drawn to developmental psychology, others find social psychology fascinating because they are keen to know more about human interaction.

Sixth Form, A-Level | option subject

The breadth of topics covered range from psychopathology to models of memory and social influence in addition to attachment, approaches and biopsychology which are all taught in the Lower Sixth. In Upper Sixth, pupils will learn three topics of choice in more depth – e.g. Cognition and Development, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology/Aggression in addition to Biopsychology and Issues and Debates.

Psychology is an essay-based science subject where students combine and develop scientific, investigative and literacy skills. The knowledge is examined in three papers consisting of short and essay questions.

– Grade 6 at both (I)GCSE English Language and Mathematics.

– AQA A-Level 7182 Psychology

Outside the Classroom

John Lyon’s programme of extra-curricular activities includes a number of options directly related to or complementary to Psychology, such as Ethics.

Beyond School

Psychology A-Level is a useful subject that can be combined with other A-Level subjects for undergraduate studies in Law, Economics, Biology, Sports Science and Psychology, to name a few. Psychology also fosters strong links to Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroscience which

are becoming more popular due to recent and extensive research. Potential career paths include academia, recruitment and consultancy, mental health and counselling, marketing and education.