27 June 2023

Pupils show remarkable growth in second Greenpower race challenge

Our determined pupils embarked on an exciting journey from as early as 5am to the renowned Lotus Test Track in Hethel, Norfolk. Equipped with valuable lessons from their previous race, their growth was evident in their performance. In the first race, we proudly secured 21st place among 38 teams overall, with a notable achievement of 15th out of 25 in our category. During the lunch break, our pupils utilised their expertise to fine-tune the car, resulting in an impressive leap forward. In the second race, they soared to 13th position out of 35 teams and claimed a remarkable 8th place out of 27 in our category. With this being only our second ever race completed, it is evident that our trajectory is on a promising upward path.

We commend our pupils for their dedication, teamwork and determination as they continue to push boundaries and reach for excellence.

Our team racers:
Niam (7CJC)
Shayan (7JEB)
William (7JHA)
Mattice (8GMM)
Mikhail (9SRP)
Sulayman (9SRP)
Marcus (L6QAC)