14 September 2021

New John Lyon girls reflect on their first days at school

The School’s move to coeducation in September 2021 has seen boys joined by John Lyon girls for the very first time.

As the group of Year 7 John Lyon girls settle in to their new School, they have reflected on their time both in and out of the classroom.

The first week was a fantastic new experience for me and I was delighted to be one of the first girls to join John Lyon. I made new friends and met most of the teachers, the school was so welcoming! The girls are allowed to do the same sport as boys which I think is fantastic seeing as my previous schools never allowed girls to do Football in teams.


John Lyon Girls

John Lyon girls and boys in the classroom

Representing the School in the U12 Football team

Starting at John Lyon, I was struck by how friendly all the staff were and felt my nerves beginning to melt away. My first week was extremely enjoyable and I could not wait to get back to school all through the weekend.


Making a scene in Drama Club

John Lyon Girls

Drawing insects with twigs and ink in Art


My first week at John Lyon has been tiring and extremely busy. However I’ve enjoyed the experience and have looked forward to the next day after I leave school at 4.00pm. I found the teachers helpful and able to put a fun twist on their lessons. There is a wide range of extra–curricular activities available to students, so there really is something for everyone!


Learning new skills in Hockey training

Over the past week at John Lyon, I have found my experience at the school to be different, informative, and enjoyable. The change in environment was quite calm due to the amount of support and encouragement I’ve received from the staff and pupils around the school. I am also grateful for how welcoming you have been.


John Lyon Girls

Getting stuck in in Spanish class


My first week of term was great. I enjoyed the lessons so much and feel welcomed to the school. I really look forward to the rest of the term!


Taking part in House Cross Country

John Lyon Girls

Year 7 Choir rehearsals


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We are now recruiting the next intake of John Lyon girls and boys, for entry in September 2022 and beyond.

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