25 January 2023

John Lyon awarded Eco-Schools Green Flag

We are delighted to announce that John Lyon has been awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag, by the Eco-Schools Programme. This is a fantastic achievement for the School as we have been recognised for the positive strides we are making in our journey to becoming an eco-friendly learning environment.

In the past year our eco-team, including our Sustainability school council and Sustainability Society have put in a great deal of effort in researching and developing a robust plan of eco-measures the whole school can work towards. The pupils carried out an Environmental review of our current practice, from these our top three priorities were determined, waste, transport and energy. Focus on reducing waste, particularly food waste, working closely with Harrow school, decreasing transport use where we can, and building on the amount of renewable energy the school uses and increasing our insulation methods – all of which have been commended and praised by the Green Flag judging panel.


The panel were also very impressed with our efforts in linking environmental issues to a variety of curriculum areas, the School’s involvement with charities and organisations such as Fairtrade, National Water Day, and Bike week to promote change and how our pupils are taking the learning beyond the school gates and into their homes and local community.

Without a doubt achieving the Green Flag status is a real milestone for the School and a great follow on from our recent participation in the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC), a special tree planting initiative last year where we planted 105 samplings, kindly donated by the Woodland Trust, at Sudbury playing fields. These initiatives fall very much in line with the School’s sustainability agenda and we would like to thank the whole school community for it’s continued commitment in this area.