The Lyonian Association

John Lyon is perhaps unique in that not only do pupils become members of the Lyonian Association when they leave School, so do their family.

Community is key here. The Alumni team seeks to engage all former pupils – OLs – in a rolling calendar of events, networking opportunities and reunions.

The OLs number many thousands of like-minded former pupils who all have shared experiences and goals. Together we are stronger.

For more detailed information about the Lyonian Associationan and events for Old Lyonians, visit the dedicated website at www.oldlyonians.org

Visit the Lyonian Association Website

Suzannah Chirnside

Stay in touch

We love staying in touch with Old Lyonians, parents and friends of John Lyon to bring people together in support of the School and its pupils and keep everyone up-to-date with exciting news and events.

Mrs Suzannah Chirnside
Alumni Relations Coordinator
020 8515 9410

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