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The history of John Lyon goes back almost 450 years to a philanthropic yeoman farmer in the village of Preston in Harrow. 

In 1572 John Lyon was granted a Royal Charter by Elizabeth I to found a free grammar school for ‘children and youth’. By the 19th Century, helped by John Lyon’s generous endowments, “the Free Grammar School” had become Harrow School, one of the most famous and prestigious public schools in the UK. As Harrow School had grown it had taken in more and more boys from outside the parish, so in  1876 a Lower School of John Lyon opened as a new day school for local boys. It was later renamed as The John Lyon School.

For the past 140 years, from the very first days of the School, there has always been a spirit of generosity, philanthropy and giving at John Lyon, something which can be seen today in a close-knit community of friendly like-minded pupils, former students and their families, who remain part of that community after they have left, for life.

Alumni are always welcome at School events, recitals, plays and exhibitions as well as playing a vital role representing their university or employer at our careers fairs.

The 1876 Fund

To mark the 140th anniversary of the School in 2016, The John Lyon 1876 Fund was created to support a number of projects which will positively impact John Lyon pupils, both now and long into the future. 1876 Fund donations are accumulated into the Development Trust Fund and used to complete varying projects around School that are ‘over and above’. To qualify for funding, projects must be beyond the scope of typical budgets and the standard curriculum and they must benefit a broad range of current pupils. All projects are approved by the Board of Governors.

To date the 1876 Fund has supported three distinct projects that all benefit current pupils, enhancing their education and time at John Lyon.

Professor Lord Winston opens the 1876 Reading Room

The 1876 Reading Room is the home of John Lyon’s Excellence Programme. Located in the Red House, the room has been designed for exclusive use of boys on the Excellence Programme and provides access to a variety of books, publications and research for furthering knowledge in a peaceful space. The décor of the room is in keeping with the heritage of the Red House and the School and it was opened in 2017 by Professor Robert Winston.

The Music School Pipe Organ is used to lead hymn singing, accompanying the Motet Choir and String Ensemble. Pupils have the opportunity to learn organ playing as a one-to-one instrument as well as participate in a Baroque Ensemble. Alongside the Steinway and Boston pianos, the pipe organ completes a superb array of John Lyon keyboard instruments making a significant difference to the Music programme.

STEAM is an element of the curriculum encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The STEAM Leeds Mechanics Kit allows pupils to work in groups to design and build solutions to real life problems. Skills gained include taking thoughtful risks, engaging in experiential learning, persisting in problem solving and embracing collaboration.

Legacy giving

Supporting John Lyon with a gift in your Will is a highly personal way of giving that has a lasting impact on future generations. Making a bequest to charity can lessen the burden of inheritance tax on your executors.

Leaving a legacy to John Lyon School can provide a lasting footprint on the future. Whether you give the gift of education to a young boy through a bursary or provide a meaningful boost to new facilities and resources. If you would like to consider leaving a legacy, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the details with you.

Mrs Khadija Ansari
Development Coordinator
020 8515 9449

Khadija Ansari, Development Coordinator

“I am struck by the extraordinary generosity upon which The John Lyon School is founded. There have been numerous benefactors over the years who have funded scholarships and bursaries to enable boys to enroll who would otherwise not have been able to attend the School. Pupils and parents have been equally charitable in their giving; from boys being asked to bring books in for the Library to Mr Le Beau donating the money raised in recognition of his devoted service straight back to the School.

“Philanthropy truly is at the heart and foundation of the School and all pupils, past or present, have benefited from this over the years. I look forward to building on this generosity in aid of future pupils with the support of the wider community.”

Khadija Ansari, Development Coordinator

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