04 July 2023

Harrow Fifth Form Conference

Nine Year 11 pupils, Jack (11MRF), Pranay (11NMB), Wesley (11KS), Jai (11CCN), John (11KS), Krish (11CCN), Yusuf (11KS), Giritharan (11NMB) and Ibrahim (11NMB) have had a fantastic experience attending the Harrow Family Fifth Form Conference. The pupils were selected to represent John Lyon at the conference which brought together pupils from all the schools in the Harrow Family, which we are part of, and which includes Harrow School and the Harrow International Schools.

The conference aims to encourage pupils to think about their futures and is a wonderful opportunity for them to broaden their horizons through practical and engaging learning opportunities. This year attending pupils had the chance to listen to lectures on several relevant topics including university guidance, get involved in team building exercises and other educational activitiesAdditionally, they visited some prestigious universities including UCL and Oxford College, and had an enjoyable trip to the Adelphi Theatre to watch Back to the Future.

Thanks to the amazing opportunities afforded by the conference our pupils left with valuable insights and advice for their academic journeys ahead as well as new friendships and connections.