17 March 2023

David Weedon Lecture Series talk by Dr Helen Pain

We were honoured to welcome Dr Helen Pain, the CEO of the Royal Society of Chemistry. This talk is part of our David Weedon Chemistry lecture series, which in honour of the long-standing John Lyon Chemistry teacher David Weedon, who taught Chemistry at John Lyon for 33 years and retired in 2019. In this talk, Dr Pain talked about how she was empowered and inspired by her Chemistry teacher, which led her to pursue a career in Chemistry at the RSC. After completing her PhD, in which she researched the “Tick Tock mechanism” in transition metal complexes, she began her journey at the RSC. Throughout her tenure as CEO, Dr Pain has worked on promoting inclusion and diversity within the RSC and the wider Chemistry community through the Breaking the Barriers and Missing Elements reports. Additionally, she has enhanced the accessibility of research and educational resources readily around the world.

We would like to thank Dr Pain for this eye opening and inspirational talk.

Sahit (U6PWM)