18 August 2022

Top universities await John Lyon students after excellent A Level results

Lyonians will once again be making their way around the country to the UK’s top universities after they picked up their quite brilliant A Level results. It is encouraging to learn that whilst the national picture shows a decline in results, John Lyon continues to see excellent results across the board.

Vinay K, Head Boy

Vinay Kapoor achieved A* A* A* and will be reading politics at the University of Warwick, a top-10 UK institution. As Head Boy, Vinay led the school exceptionally this year. His excellent sense of leadership has equipped him with abundant opportunities and key skills. He is particularly concerned with student welfare and has championed the school’s student mentor scheme.

Vinay said: “I’m delighted with my results. I have had the privilege of serving as Head Boy this year and I am so proud of my cohort for their excellent results. I would like to thank the school for all their support – the teachers have been nothing short of brilliant. I am now looking forward to university life at Warwick.”

Harsh H, Deputy Head Boy, is congratulated by Miss Katherine Haynes, Head

Harsh Hingorani has been awarded A* A* A and will be studying mechanical and acoustical engineering at University of Southampton. As Deputy Head Boy he has been responsible for co-ordinating prefect team’s work with younger members of the school, focusing his support on science and interactive learning. On a more practical level, he also led a group of students on a Greenpower project to build and race a motor-powered car.

Harsh said: “I’m absolutely thrilled! The support from the school has been immense. I am grateful for my lessons, the opportunities afforded to me and the university applications process. I’m now eagerly looking forward to a new setting on the south coast – my first time living away from London!”

Luke M with proud mother

Luke McMillan was awarded A* A* A* and looks forward to studying psychology at King’s College, London. When not at school, he spent his spare time volunteering at a local charity shop.

Luke said: “I utilised the time I had as my most important resource and pushed myself – I started revising very early and I am so happy to see my results. My John Lyon timetable allowed me to make the best use of time and the weekly support with teachers has helped me tremendously. I would like to thank my family and my tutors for their guidance.”

Fares S with proud parents

Fares Shehata achieved straight A* A* A* A* and will go on to study computer science. Fares, a senior prefect, was a member of the Head Boy team, responsible for co-ordinating Excellence events and STEAM activities.

Fares said: “I feel very proud of my results and I’m extremely relieved they are as good as expected. I am happy to see my hard work has paid off. The support of teachers definitely enabled my straight A* results. The sixth form team have continuously advised on the best choices to make and it this has proved to be most useful. Many thanks to my parents for trusting me to work hard.”

Ayaan H being congratulated by Stephen Mepham, Head of Sixth Form

Ayaan Haneef was awarded A* A* A and will take up a place at the London School of Economics, currently third in the UK university standings, to study philosophy and economics. Ayaan, who has played tennis at international level and reached the top 100 in the UK, volunteered at a primary school, assisting young children with maths though a John Lyon partnership. He has also generously fundraised for a number of important global issues and initiatives, including the impact of Covid on vulnerable communities.

“I am thrilled that my two years of hard work has paid off. The school has guided me very well and the staff have been very supportive, especially during Covid and lockdowns. I’m really excited to start university and I would like to thank my mum and dad for pushing me and helping me throughout my school life.”

All-rounders excel once again

Academic excellence and pursuits beyond the classroom go hand-in-hand. John Lyon celebrates achievements outside of lessons, believing busy students are successful students.

Patrick C

Patrick Colson achieved A* A* A and will go on to study music at University of Bristol. He was recently awarded the co-curricular award at Speech Day for his services outside the classroom and overall outstanding contribution to school life. Patrick has made the most out of the opportunities on offer at John Lyon. A first team cricketer, senior footballer and an extraordinarily capable musician playing a number of instruments, Patrick has also shared his expertise mentoring and coaching aspriring young primary and special educational needs pupils.

Patrick said: “I’m blown away with my results, especially the A* in maths as I worked tremendously hard towards it. I would like to thank the music department – they have been amazing! John Lyon has provided so many opportunities, from music, to sports and other extra-curricular pursuits. The focus at John Lyon is not only on results, but the entire rounded experience. I would like also like to thank my parents.”

Dev P with proud parents

Dev Patel achieved A A A and an additional A in the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). He will be heading across the capital to the London School of Economics to study politics. During his time at school, Dev was a prefect who helped organise events and school tours. He has a particular interest in UK voting patterns and is also a keen footballer, representing the school on a number of occasions.

Dev said: “I was so happy and relieved when I opened my results. I’m very grateful for the support of my teachers throughout my time at John Lyon – together with my parents, they have helped me achieved my potential.”

Will D celebrates results with family and Miss Katherine Haynes, Head

William Davey achieved A* A B and is looking forward to undertaking a worship music internship next year in Southampton. He is a great example of all-round education: he is a sportsman, thespian and musician and has performed as a solo singer, in the school’s rock bands and in musicals.

William said: “Whilst I am of course over the moon with my grades, I am so happy I have spent the last seven years here at John Lyon growing in my formative years. The school has just done so much for me. Thanks in particular to the music tech, drama and English departments for their support and guidance.”

Bursary support

The benefit and value of John Lyon’s bursary schemes can be seen in the grades of the students who have been supported financially through their time at the school.

This year, over a fifth of the cohort – have been supported either by the school or by John Lyon’s Charity, achieving a total of 10 A*s, 11 As and 10 Bs.

John Lyon remains committed to widening access for local families, enabling the children of those who could not otherwise afford the fees to benefit from our all-round independent school education. This corresponds to the original intention of John Lyon, who, when he founded Harrow School in 1572, stated that he wished to provide an education for children in the parish. Each year, the school makes available a small number of means-tested bursaries to pupils who demonstrate exceptional talent and potential.

From the Head

Miss Katherine Haynes, Head, said: “We are extremely proud of our Upper Sixth on their excellent A Level results. They have been ambitious and have been rewarded for their hard work and efforts. Our students have demonstrated their creativity, innovation and resolve, particularly, we must not forget, over the last few years of interruptions, lockdowns and restrictions during their crucial GCSE and Lower Sixth studies. In fact, this would be their first public examinations they have sat.

They have excelled not only in their studies, but also across the board, including on the sports field, on the drama stage, in the art studio, in music performances and in the many rewarding charity and community partnerships and events at John Lyon.

I would like to extend my thanks to our fantastic staff for their continued dedicated, expert and passionate teaching and guidance for every student, and to our encouraging parents and guardians who have supported their children. Well done to all!”

Congratulations to our Upper Sixth. We are very proud of you!