22 August 2019

Excellent exams add to all-round success for John Lyon 2019 GCSE pupils

John Lyon 2019 GCSE pupils are celebrating a summer of academic success, with more than half of all boys achieving at least three 9/8/A* grades, and 800 of the 826 total number of exams taken graded at 9-4/A*-C.

The importance of a broad and wide-ranging education has also been highlighted, with a number of boys with top GCSE grades also being notable for their pursuit of activities beyond the classroom.


  • 62% overall 9/8/7/A*/A  grades
  • 49 pupils (55%) gain at least three 9/8/A* grades
  • 38 pupils (41%) of all pupils gain at least five 9/8/A* grades
  • 7 boys (8%) gain nine 9/8/A* grades
  • 339 exams (41%) awarded 9/8/A* grades
  • 800 exams (97%) awarded 9-4/A*-C grades
  • 100% A* in Further Mathematics (including two A**)
  • 60% of Greek and Religious Study & Philosophy papers graded 9/8
  • Half of all Science papers (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) graded 9/8
  • Half of all History papers graded 9/8
  • Seven in ten English Literature papers marked 9/8/7
  • Seven in ten Mathematics papers marked 9/8/7
  • 85% Geography papers marked 9/8/7
Approximate Grade Comparisons
NEW 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Yuvraj Dhunna achieved eight 9 grades, an A* in his Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) and a rare A** in Further Mathematics. In School Yuvraj is also an accomplished artist and musician.

Kareem Shurafa (also eight 9 grades, an A* in his HPQ and A** in Further Mathematics) has been a key member of the School’s Drama Department, not only studying the subject for his GCSE exams but appearing in School productions. He collected his results a week after his big brother Suleiman achieved straight As at A-Level.

Nicholas Berezovsky (eight 9/8 grades) achieved his grade 8 violin while in Year 10 and spent much of his GCSE year taking part in the LCO Music Junction project, mentoring primary school children.

Benjamin Weisz (nine 9/8 grades) is a keen and talented Debater, representing the School in competitions across the country. He will go on to study Classical Greek and Latin in the Sixth Form, following his big brother Asher who achieved entry to Oxford University to read Classics in the previous week’s A-Level results.

Rayaan Bhatti (nine 9/8 grades) and Aryan Sutaria (seven 9/8 grades) are both integral members of the School’s 1st XI cricket squad, which won the county cup this summer.

Speaking after collecting his results, Rayaan said: “It’s been a rollercoaster journey but through hard work and perseverance I have achieved straight A* grades and a Scholarship to the John Lyon Sixth Form. With a passion to study Medicine in the future I know this dream is possible as I will have the close support of the teachers here for the next two years. I look forward to working hard and continuing to play Cricket for the School’s 1st XI while I study.”

Keeran Annalingam, who achieved eight 9/8 grades and an A* in Further Mathematics said: “I’m so happy with my grades and I owe so much to my teachers – without them I definitely wouldn’t have achieved what I have done. I’m very happy with my 9 grades in Maths, Chemistry and Biology because I am studying these for my A-Levels and I want to go on to do something with Medicine after that.”

The majority of John Lyon 2019 GCSE pupils will now move into the School’s Sixth Form, where they will begin their A-Level studies and make decisions about where they hope to study and work after that.

John Lyon Head Katherine Haynes, said: “This year’s group of 89 GCSE pupils worked extremely hard for an excellent set of results and they should all be proud of the dedication they gave to their studies. We look forward to seeing most of them back here in September.

“It’s especially pleasing to see what so many of these boys have achieved outside the classroom. While we know the timetabled curriculum is at the heart of what we do, there is so much to explore and participate in beyond that.

“Time and time again we see that boys who are busy and engaged outside the classroom perform exceptionally well inside the classroom. We hope our musicians, artists, sportsmen and actors will continue with these pursuits and passions while studying for their A-Levels.”