16 February 2022

Sixth Former receives Silver CREST Award

Congratulations to Lower Sixth student Varun for receiving the Silver CREST Award! His VEX robotics project was titled ‘Robots: Building and Testing’.

Read what Varun had to say about securing the Silver Award, after receiving the Bronze Award a few years ago, and his plans to go for a Gold Award…

“My CREST journey started in Years 7 and continued into Year 8, where I achieved my Bronze CREST award for my project on ‘Bouncing Bubbles’. The plan was always to do my three awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) in each of the three sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).

Having done my Bronze Award by looking at the Chemistry behind bubbles, I wanted to do either Physics or Biology for my Silver CREST award. My CREST mentor, Dr Weinberg, gave me the idea of doing a project on robotics. She suggested using a VEX robotics kit, which we then ordered. I am delighted we had the opportunity to use this kit because VEX robotics has since been a huge success at our school. We have a VEX robotics club, a VEX robot training space and students have built robots that can be used for VEX competitions.

As soon as I received the kit, I started to build the robot with my dad and we built a joystick-controlled robot that could pick up an object and place it somewhere else. We built the robot from scratch and at the age of 14 I learned how to use Keps Nuts, Nyloc Nuts, spanners, Allen Keys and so much more. For the rest of my project, I tested the robot’s speed and strength, and then I looked at the real-world implications of my project. I only received my award recently because the testing processes were delayed due to the pandemic. However, all the hard work paid off when I finally received my certificate. I would like to thank Dr Weinberg for all her help and advice in being my mentor for my Bronze and Silver CREST award.

Looking ahead, I will do my Gold CREST Award on Biology and specifically medicine. My project will be on vitamin supplements, inspired by my TEDx, and this will fit perfectly into my application for medicine.”

– Varun (Lower Sixth)