18 January 2023

Royal Academy of Music visit by Samuel Stopford and Daniel Peter Silcock

During the lunchtime of Tuesday 17th January, we were joined by a duo of impeccable fellows of the Royal Academy of Music – Samuel Stopford and Daniel Peter Silcock (a singer and pianist respectively).

The event commenced with a lunchtime concert in which the duo would perform a multitude of emotive, impressive pieces. Along with the pupils of John Lyon, we welcomed pupils from Newton Farm and St John Fisher to experience this spectacle put on by the two musicians. The audience of pupils were absolutely captivated by the performances. Samuel Stopford masterfully worked his way through the pieces, using beautiful phrasing as well as facial expressions and physical stature to fully express the themes behind the piece. All these pieces mainly focused on the theme of love, and Samuel did an impeccable job expressing the contrast between the joy of attaining it, and the misery of a lost love. An outstanding musician, performer, and entertainer. As well as this, let us not forget to look at the masterful piano played by Daniel Peter Silcock. This accompanied Samuel’s voice perfectly with fantastic phrasing and emotive playing – you could see that Daniel understood the music and was playing to express the themes behind it as Samuel did. Overall, a fantastic musician too.

After this 40-minute performance, pupils dispersed, very pleased, and a select few prepared for the Masterclass at 2pm where Upper Sixth student Karun K sang ‘Come Away, Death’ by Roger Quilter with great emotion. The audience could see Karun really working with the duo of musicians to improve his performance and musicality. Next, we had a fantastic performance from Quainton Hall’s Chamber Choir. In their performance, they achieved a large sense of unity in the choir and the musicians showed skill in working to improve the performance even further.

Overall, these events were spectacular, and the pupils of John Lyon, Newton Farm, St John Fisher and Quainton Hall extend their thanks to RAM musicians Samuel Stopford and Daniel Peter Silcock for captivating performances and an unforgettable musical experience.

Amaroo (8GMM)