14 November 2022

Pupil Remembrance Poems

‘A Soldier’s last March’ by Golden F (9SRP/BRD’s English Class)

Remember the days that passed, 

The people that ran silently into No Man’s Land. 

Now their mothers cannot hold their hands. 

They chose and can no longer stay. 


Thunder and drums, death and sorrow… 

More time in life, I would love to borrow. 

We fought and died, starved and lived. 

Now my farewells to you I bid… 

My battered soul and boody face 

No more shall it set its own gaze 

On friends from youth and beloved home, 

Just so the tyrant keeps his throne… 


Onwards men, join the charge! 

Were the words I despised. 

Glory to those with kind and English blood, 

But my friends and I will die deep in this mud… 

There will be no more tears and no more pain. 

Now that my life is taken. 


‘1943’ by Aarushan G (9WA/BRD’s English Class) 

Bombs flew down like birds. 

I was stuck 

Cramped in a corner, 

My assault rifle slept on my shoulder. 


I could hear the whisper 

Of the deafening silence, 

My body, itching with pain 

The blood-laden dust on my shoulder 

Clawed at my throat, 

I could hardly breathe. 


My eyes bulged out, 

My hands turned white… 

The only thing I knew, was that 

I was heading towards the light 


The German soldiers sought me, 

All I wanted was release, 

To be free…