25 October 2023

World Sustainability Day

As the world comes together to celebrate World Sustainability Day, we reflect on the remarkable strides the School community has taken towards a more sustainable future.

At our Sudbury Fields site, our Prep School pupils continue to enjoy Forest School and the huge variety of activities on offer on a weekly basis. We have also ensured that nothing goes to waste, so we have recycled wood from other areas of the School to improve the habitat for our vibrant biodiversity of wildlife down at Sudbury.

Our wildlife cameras have captured this and it is fascinating to see how the variety of birds and animals have made our campus their home, underlying our commitment to preserving and promoting local ecosystems. Five years ago, the School made a conscious decision to replace chemical-based products for the grounds with organic materials. Since then, we have observed an astonishing transformation as bird species, wildlife and flowers have flourished.

At our Senior School campus in particular, we have been working in collaboration to ensure we minimise our food wastage as much as possible. In recent weeks, we have been able to reduce our week-by-week wastage – including on one week by an impressive 30kg. This has been helped by effective menu planning which has involved asking pupils what they would like to see on the menu – the result has seen a shift towards the use of more seasonal and plant-based produce.

In addition, our pupils are actively involved in creating an eco-garden and rejuvenating the area around the music hall as part of their Co-Curricular Programme activity. Their innovative ideas include a semi-covered reflective area with a pergola and a scented garden. We eagerly await the contributions of these proactive individuals to our School community.

We thank the School community for taking steps in becoming more sustainable and allowing us to achieve the coveted Eco-Schools Green Flag award, presented to us earlier this year.