Secret Postcard Competition and Auction

John Lyon’s 2019 Secret Postcard Competition and Auction proved a huge success, with almost 200 cards submitted and almost £1,250 raised for charity.

With 183 postcards created by pupils, parents, staff and a handful of special entries from well-known artists, the two-week auction in October saw some some fierce bidding for the postcards, which were displayed on the School website and are still available to see further down this page.

At a special exhibition in the School’s Mall Gallery to mark the end of the auction, it was revealed £1,223 had been raised, every penny of which will go to London North West Healthcare Charity.

We thank everyone who submitted postcards, with special thanks to those from outside the School: Jane McAdam Freud, Daniel Cordas, Srabani Ghosh, Brin Edwards, Pam Zenkawich, Keir Menzies, Grace Adam, Georgia Peskett, Christina Verden, Lydia Woods, Morwenna Farrell, Bethany Vargeson, Izzie Atkinson, Danny Bokenham.

Every postcard submitted by a John Lyon pupil was also automatically entered into the Secret Postcard Competition, with the best artworks selected by guest judge, renowned sculptor Nathaniel Rackowe.


Zain Nagree – Mountians
“Transcends the pictorial to become a semi abstract signifier of the mountain scene. Brilliant composition. I love how the triangles / mountings fill the frame, contrasted by the bright blue negative space of sky. A postcard that resonates with holidays, but creates an expansive space that hints at so more.”
Ismael Doghem-Rashid – Etching
“The line and form on this are stunning. It seems to be a poetic representation of the gravitational bond between the sun and the earth. The inky black of the sky contrasts with the fiery glow of the sun. I see this as a postcard that an alien visitor might send back to their home planet! Otherworldly and beautiful. The overall composition becomes almost symbolic, perhaps reading as a hieroglyph, a signifier for our place in the solar system.”


Joshua Levin – Heatstroke
“The only purely abstract work, this conjures fire, lava. A beautiful aesthetic of swirling reds and yellows. For me this postcard feels like what you see in your eyelids as you sit back on the grass of a sun drenched park. The heat of summer. What better postcard to send?”
Rishi Patel – Space
“Love the idea of a postcard from Mars sent to earth! This off planet vista gives us a fantastic perspective on our own place in the universe. Great gestural use of paint, bold colours. A composition that draws you in.”


Alexi Americano – Cat
“This postcard really pushes the physical boundaries of what a postcard can be. The painting itself is beautifully executed, the line work, use of light and shade, and the imagination in this abstracted cat/creature hybrid. Then by layering the work it’s brought into three dimensional relief, in a highly effective manner! A pet postcard with a twist!”
Daniel Ayeni – Blasted Trees
“This postcard acts as an interesting counterpoint to the typical tree lined mountain image. With this the trees are in decay, the land seemingly slipping away. It speaks of deforestation and environmental impact. Truly a postcard that acts as a warning for our times, and feels politically pertinent. A beautiful and sensitive use of pencil, line, shading. A landscape at once seductive and yet brutal.”


All submitted postcards

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Secret Postcard Competition