Politics will appeal to students who have an active interest in politics and current affairs, in the way in which Britain is governed, in how our democracy works and, not least, as global citizens, in how the world system operates.  

This is also a very useful A-Level which opens doors into a wide range of university courses and employers.

Sixth Form, A-Level | option subject

Alongside the study of UK government, politics and core political ideas, students will undertake a comparative study of US politics. This involves interesting and stimulating discussion about current political issues, for example, the role of the US President within the Constitution, the role of the British Prime minister and Parliament, issues related to devolution and the quest for Scottish independence.

– No specific academic requirements, although an aptitude in humanities at (I)GCSE would be useful.

– Edexcel A-Level 9PLoA Politics

Outside the Classroom

John Lyon’s programme of extra-curricular activities includes a number of options directly related to or complementary to Politics, such as Model United Nations and International Relations and Social Sciences Seminar.

Beyond School

Politics represents an attractive academic choice at A-Level and is a well-respected option by universities. The course aims to impart a wide range of transferable skills that will help students at university and beyond. Discussion forms a key part of Politics teaching and the ability to analyse, debate and discuss ideas as well as the ability to communicate effectively are important skills that are learnt. Past students have gone on to study Politics and International Relations, PPE, History, Economics, Journalism and Law at Britain’s best universities. Those with potential future careers in journalism, diplomacy and the civil service would find much of interest in the study of Politics. Those seeking employment in the Foreign Office, the security services and the armed forces would similarly find much benefit.