Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation is the ultimate multidisciplinary subject with a unique blend of archaeology, art, art history, architecture, history, politics and literature. 

It offers students to explore the ancient worlds through a variety of different media ranging from studying the themes and historical background of Homer’s Iliad to exploring what information we can gain from ancient theatre and studying the beginnings of democracy. 

Sixth Form, A-Level | option subject 

Trips to modern performances of ancient theatre pieces as well as lectures from university professors will assist in the understanding and engrossment of the subject. 

– While Latin and Greek are not required at (I)GCSE, a grade 7 at (I)GCSE English and / or a humanities subject is strongly advised. 

– OCR H408 Classical Civilisation 

John Lyon Success 

– Asher Weisz (OL 2019) left John Lyon to read Classics at Balliol College, University of Oxford. 

Outside the Classroom 

John Lyon’s extensive list of extra-curricular activities includes many options for pupils who enjoy foreign language and history, including Book and Film Club, History Excellence Society and Philosophy Club.

Beyond School 

Classical Civilisation is perfect for those students who will be pursuing a multidisciplinary approach in future studies, drawing on not only a highly critical mind but also a creative one. The different topic strands of the subject combine to provide the benefits of a much-praised ‘classical education’. Highly transferable critical and evaluative skills will be sharpened through the course, as will the ability to construct an argument and defend opinions with clear communication as well as ability to discuss and appreciate pieces of ancient art. Former students have gone on to study such diverse subjects as Art, Archaeology and Anthropology, Drama, History, Journalism, Law, Philosophy, Politics and, of course, Classics.