26 November 2021

History trip to Reveley Lodge

On Tuesday 2nd November, Year 6 pupils took a trip back in time when they travelled to Reveley Lodge in Bushey and were Victorian children for the morning.

The groups played at being housemaids; using a Victorian washing-dolly, laundry tongs and a mangle to wash a heavy Victorian petticoat.

They saw inside a real Victorian middle-class villa, hearing the servants’ bells and seeing the various rooms exactly as they would have been. The kitchen was interesting, with a toasting fork and a heavy iron. The dining room and the drawing room were beautiful. The bedrooms with the Victorian hot water bottle and the commode were also fascinating!

The children then went into a Victorian village schoolroom where they experienced life as real Victorian schoolchildren, with slates to write on and strict teachers who were keen to use the cane!

Before they came back, they were treated to an upmarket Victorian tea with bread and butter and Victoria sponge cake.

All in all, it was a very successful trip and they will be keen to go back next year!