10 May 2023

Careers in Engineering talk by Alex Doey (OL 2012) and Emily Stagg

Two engineers from RED Engineering, Alex Doey (OL 2012) and Emily Stagg, were welcomed by Head Boy Youki and Mrs Bamrah, our Careers Adviser, to give a talk about careers in engineering. The aim of the talk was to give pupils an opportunity to explore the different qualifications required for a career in engineering, as well as the breadth of opportunities available within the field.  

Alex, who graduated with a master’s degree in 2016 after leaving John Lyon, is now the principal mechanical engineer for technology at RED Engineering. Prior to joining RED, he worked as both a traditional buildings services engineer and applications engineer for a data centre cooling technology manufacturer.

Emily Stagg, on the other hand, is a developing Engineer with over two years of experience in the buildings services industry, working across the Technology and Built Environment sectors.  She is also currently the lead of RED’s internal Women in Engineering (WiRED) committee and has been recognised for her keen eye in Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI), STEM activities, team wellness, quality assurance and assisting graduate employees.  

The talk proved to be highly successful, providing pupils with valuable insights and highlighted the different pathways available to those interested in a career in engineering, as well as the importance of DEI and wellness within the industry. It was also encouraging to see the active role that RED Engineering takes in promoting gender diversity and inclusion within their organisation.