12 August 2021

All-rounders shine as John Lyon GCSE pupils receive their important grades

The true benefit of passions and pursuits outside the classroom, alongside dedicated academic study, has been shown in the 2021 John Lyon GCSE results.

As well as achieving an extremely high number of the top 9 and 8 grades across all the academic subjects, the 100 pupils collecting their results are also talented musicians, actors, sportsmen, engineers and artists, having dedicated themselves to their extra-curricular pursuits over many years.

The results, released on Thursday 12th August, saw six pupils receive straight 9 grades (the equivalent of a high A*). A further eight received no grade lower than an 8, also seen as an A* grade.

Sammy Smith, who achieved ten 9 grades and is a fine pianist, oboist and singer, as well as an accomplished distance runner, said: “It feels so surreal, it’s the best thing that’s happened to me, it’s amazing. Over the next few hours and days I think it will sink in and I’ll think ‘wow I got straight 9s’. There’s been a lot of hard work and hours, and some sleepless nights but if you put the work in you’ll get good results.”

Sammy will now move to the John Lyon Sixth Form to study Maths, Music, Economics and Geography.


Aryan Agarwal, part of the John Lyon tournament-winning Water Polo team, and one of the youngest delegates at the last John Lyon Model United Nations, also scooped ten 9 grades.


Varun Valentine’s ten 9 grades included one in Music, a department in which he spends much of his time, singing with the Pride of Lyon’s a cappella group, playing cello in the orchestra, and drums in various groups. He also spoke at the inaugural TEDxJohnLyonSchool.


Fellow musician, Josh Holloway, who performed in this year’s Musician of the Year also achieved ten 9s, as well as an A* in his Higher Project Qualification (HPQ).


Krish Lakhani, who is following his big brother Shiv (OL2020) through the School, was delighted with his 9 and 8 grades. The talented actor, who scored 9 in Drama and has appeared in numerous productions, said: “I’m really thrilled and really happy with my grades. It’s been a really strange year with lots of hard work, but it’s paid off. I’m now staying at John Lyon for Sixth Form to study Economics, Maths, Further Maths and History.”


As well as being an exceptional scientist and mathematician, securing 9 grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, Jordon Andrews is a talented sportsman, who plays Hockey and Football, and is a multiple winner on the track at Sports Days.


Lucas Antoni, one of the School’s leading artists and part of the team currently building an eco racing car as part of the School’s STEAM provision, received 9s and 8s, as well as an A* in his HPQ.


Yash Patel fits in his Music and Sport around his studies. This past Summer Term, as well as completing his GCSE assessments which would earn him high 9, 8 and 7 grades, he was playing Clarinet in a number of School Concerts, hitting an unbeaten 73 against Westminster School on the Cricket pitch, and helping the 1st XI retain the Middlesex County Cup. He is also a footballer and has previously won the Harrow schools Basketball tournament.


Sportsman and musician William Mitchell, who was playing in the 1st XI Hockey team in Year 10 and is a regular with his guitar on the musical stage achieved 9 grades in Maths and Computing as well as 8s in Physics and Geography.


Taranvir Bansal, the School’s leading Hockey Goalkeeper from when he was in Year 10, and a talented artist, achieved 9 and 8 grades.


Last year’s record number of Sixth Form Scholarship awards has been beaten again, with 19 John Lyon GCSE pupils — one in five — accepting an award to move into the John Lyon Sixth Form, having achieved the benchmark of at least eight 8 grades.

The Sixth Form Scholarship is one of a number available to John Lyon students, alongside Academic, Sport, Music, Art and STEAM.

Further Mathematics, an A-Level only subject but which is open to GCSE pupils to take the Level 2 Certificate, has again proven popular, with 14 candidates achieving an average grade of 8.2.

The Higher Project Qualification, an autonomous project which requires students to study a topic area which extends or expands their learning in an appropriate area of study, was taken by a fifth (21%) of pupils.

As with A-Level results, this years GCSE results have shown the transformational benefit of John Lyon’s Bursary schemes, which widen access for local families, enabling the children of those who could not otherwise afford the fees to benefit from our all-round independent school education.

Eight GCSE Bursary award holders achieved an average grade of exactly 8, thanks in most to their hard work and dedication, with the financial support of the School and John Lyon’s Charity.

John Lyon remains committed to its Bursary support. This corresponds to the original intention of John Lyon, who, when he founded Harrow School in 1572, stated that he wished to provide an education for children in the parish. Each year, the School makes available a small number of means-tested bursaries to pupils who demonstrate exceptional talent and potential. Information can be found on our Bursaries page.

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Each year, the School makes available a small number of means-tested bursaries to pupils who demonstrate exceptional talent and potential.

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