17 December 2019

John Lyon’s We Will Rock You dazzles Harrow audiences

Three sell-out houses have been given a real Christmas treat as John Lyon staged its big annual musical for 2019, We Will Rock You.

The jukebox musical by Ben Elton featuring the music of Queen, came to the Ryan Theatre from 9th to 11th December, with a cast of John Lyon boys and girls from a number of local schools.

Produced by the John Lyon Drama Department led by Mr Sam Jones, the show featured amazing costumes, choreography and live band, with many people working behind the scenes to ensure a seamless production.

As well as the three-night audience of 950, a dress rehearsal saw more than 250 children from local schools enjoy the show.

Anyone who has ever been in a school play knows the thrill of performing to a big audience, and the experience was no different for the cast of We Will Rock You.

Upper Sixth student Patrick Miles, who played Pop, said: “My final John Lyon musical has been an unforgettable one. The challenging role of Pop allowed me to push myself well outside my comfort zone and the chance to share the experience with such a wonderful group of friends made it evermore memorable. The end of the play was an emotional and beautiful ending to a fantastic decade, and it marks a whole new chapter of friendships and life after John Lyon.

Cast member Asha Davison said: “I had the absolute time of my life working with my amazing cast-mates and the production crew, and performing with them every night was so rewarding after all the hard work we put in during rehearsals. I think director Mr Jones, choreographer Aimee, vocal advisor Gary, production assistant Miss Jones and everyone else involved deserve a massive thank you for their dedication and enthusiasm because without them we definitely would not have rocked you!”

Will Davey, who played the lead role of Galileo added: “We Will Rock You was incredible and it was such an experience to be working with such a talented group of people. It has been so much fun and I have enjoyed every part of it.”

The show’s director, Head of Drama Mr Sam Jones, added: “As the director I was filled with pride to see the cast excel themselves night after night and it was probably our most successful musical yet. The cast and crew of over 60 were quite tearful after the performance but will hopefully get to work with each other again. It was an emotional experience for me too as I was presented with a signed poster by two of the cast after the final show who won’t be involved next year, Jack Salter and Patrick Miles who are both in the Upper Sixth.”

Photography: Rachel Marchant

We Will Rock You Cast

Galileo: Will Davey
Scaramouche: Ishani Mehta
Killer Queen: Kiarah Roberta Williams
Khashoggi: Adam Zoromba / Simran Kohli
Britney Spears: Shyam Borkhatria
Meatloaf: Katie La-Plain
Pop: Patrick Miles / Sebastian Clifford-Varley
Teacher: Safiya Shire
Teen Queen 1: Marie-Helene D’Souza
Teen Queen 2: Samanta Schwartz
Teen Queen 3: Saphyne Husain
Teen Queen 4: Larissa Partridge
Teen Queen 5: Stella Page
Gaga Kids / Yuppies / Bohemians: Harriet Gilbert, Maya Bensalem, Grace Kehoe, Elin Auld, Valerie Wietsztal, Sara El-Jacifi, Annika Nandi, Asha Davison, Karun Kapoor, Jay Samani, Oliver Castell, Matthew Evens, Alex Rothwell, Oscar Beynan, Otto Verden, Inesh Hanumandla, Jamie O’Connell, Myles Nagle, Joshua Beresford-Smart, Sammy Smith
Big Macca: Jack Salter
Alanis: Sarah Marsh
Christina: Maryam Moghal
Madonna: Allegra Marchant
Puff: Joshua Levin
Cliff Richard: Safiya Shire
Jackson Five: Janisha Aleksin
Charlotte Church:
Rumindha Gurung
Bob the Builder: Marie-Helene D’Souza
Bowie: Nameer Al-Tuhafi
First Cop: Joel Cuttica
Second Cop: Shaan Sokhal

Director: Mr Sam Jones
Musical Director: Huw Jones
Choreographer: Miss Aimee Finnerty