15 May 2023

Values Day 2023

Values Day is an exciting annual fixture in our calendar. It not only provides us with a unique opportunity to promote and reflect upon our core eight values, but it also brings together as one 3-18 all-through school, from our Little Lyon’s Nursery right the way up to Sixth Form, to celebrate our wonderful community!

During this year’s Values Day, pupils demonstrated their creativity and innovation by participating in a wide range of activities, including sports, arts, STEAM, and audio-visual activities. They showed ambition and excellence by working tirelessly to produce their own songs, banners, sports challenges, and choreographed dance moves. Additionally, they were engaged in enquiry by experiencing what a futuristic drama theatre would look like.

After the activities saw pupils try a values branded cookie before creating their own noodle dish and ice cream cooked by our fantastic catering team. A massive thank you to them for being able to give a special lunch for the John Lyon community.

The school also values its heritage, as seen in the unveiling of the next section of the 145-heritage bench designed by Year 9 pupil Milo and an Old Lyonian, Umut Yumac (OL 1998). This was made possible with the support of the 1876 Fund. The school community is proud of their innovative invention, and it represents the school’s resolve to continue fostering creativity and excellence in their students.

Overall, the day was a great success, and the pictures below attest to the pupils’ enjoyment and engagement with the various activities. We look forward to next year’s Values Day and the exciting prospects it holds for the community.