UCAS Curriculum Statement

Following the recent qualification reforms, we have decided, in common with the majority of schools, that students should only sit public exams at the end of the Upper Sixth.

The majority of students will start with four A-Levels in the Lower Sixth, and following rigorous internal end of year exams, (University Predictor exams, known as ‘UPs’) will continue with three A-Levels through to the Upper Sixth. A small number of students continue with four A-Levels.

Predicted grades for university application are therefore based on the UP result and teacher assessment throughout the year. It is school policy to scan and retain these exams which are available for inspection by universities.

The primary reason to commence Sixth Form study with four A-Levels is the belief that a fourth subject provides students with a greater breadth of study, also enabling them to keep their options open. Every student is considered as an individual however, and those who would perform more highly by focusing on only three subjects in the Lower Sixth are encouraged to do so.

In addition to A-Level studies, all John Lyon Sixth Form students have the opportunity to undertake the Extended Project Qualification (worth 28 UCAS points) or our well-regarded internally assessed Independent Research Project, if they wish to carry out extension work.

Updated: June 2018