Academic Matters

Academic Matters

John Lyon Sixth Form students in a lesson

The John Lyon Sixth Form is an exciting environment in which students acquire a resolute determination to achieve academic excellence and develop ambitions for a lifetime ahead.  Sixth Form class sizes are limited in size to sixteen students. This allows subject teachers to have an excellent understanding of and relationship with their classes.

The curriculum for A-Level students at John Lyon is very traditional, offering a wide range of firmly academic subjects in the Sciences and Humanities, combined with digital and creative subjects offered at a highly academic level. Our teachers use the latest innovations in teaching and learning to expand students’ minds beyond examination specifications. Our students develop a sense of inquiry capable of exploring the outer limits of a problem before inspiring its most creative solutions.

Sixth Form students select four subjects to study during the Lower Sixth year, with most continuing three subjects through to full A-Level at the end of the Upper Sixth. Some students will select the subjects in which they excelled at GCSE, others will include subjects exclusive to the Sixth Form.

In the Summer Term of the Lower Sixth, students sit formal internal examinations, our University Prediction examinations, which are used to assess progress and form the basis for predicted grades for university applications. Most students then take forward their strongest three subjects to the Upper Sixth, with a significant number of students continuing with all four subjects.

A-Level results 2018

(for a cohort of 74 boys)

  • One-third of all exams taken were graded A*|A
  • One-in-six students achieved all A*|A grades
  • 97% overall pass rate
  • Entry to both Oxford and Cambridge Universities
  • 44% of students moving to Russell Group Universities – from Glasgow to Exeter
  • One-in-five students gaining places to University of London institutions – LSE, UCL, KCL, Queen Mary, City, St George’s, Royal Holloway

In the Sixth Form, students choose four subjects from:

English Literature Mathematics Further Mathematics Latin French Spanish
Biology Chemistry Physics Art Drama and Theatre Studies Music
Geography History Philosophy Classical Greek Politics Economics
Business Studies Psychology Computer Science Music Technology Classical Civilisation

Extended Project Qualification

All students are also encouraged to apply to the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at the end of their Lower Sixth year, as a way of enhancing their university applications.

The EPQ gives students the opportunity to choose their own topic, makes them responsible for their own learning and development, and teaches new skills such as independent research, project management, reflection and self-directed learning.

Students can also opt to complete alternative research qualifications such as national essay prizes or the School’s Independent Research Prize.

This range of research projects not only provides personalised opportunities for students to explore a topic in-depth but enables them to develop the range of skills that will help them excel in higher education, and provide evidence of these advanced skills in UCAS applications.

[At John Lyon there is] a major emphasis on the EPQ, with an impressive 100 per cent achieving A*/A most years”

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