We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You

December 2019
Ryan Theatre

Everywhere on the planet, people watch the same movies, listen to computer-generated music, wear the same clothes and hold the same thoughts and opinions. Musical instruments and composers are forbidden, and rock music is all but unknown.

Representative government has been eliminated. All are controlled by the Worldwide mega-corporation Globalsoft, which is headed by the Killer Queen and the commander of her secret police, the evil Khashoggi. Those who dare to stand against Globalsoft’s enforced conformity are kidnapped and brain stormed into submission.

However, a small group of Bohemians struggles to restore the free exchange of thought, fashion, and (most of all) live music.

John Lyon’s 2019 show is the hit musical by Queen and Ben Elton, We Will Rock You.

Produced by the School’s Drama Department the show stars John Lyon boys and girls from a number of local Schools.

Performed at Harrow’s Ryan Theatre on Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th December, it promises to be an extravaganza featuring the hit music of Queen, complete with amazing costumes, choreography and orchestra.



This year’s John Lyon musical production follows 2018’s hugely successful Anything Goes.