The academic curriculum is at the very heart of everything at John Lyon.

A School day is made up of six to eight periods, with lessons of either 40 or 60 minutes, depending on year group and subject.

This flexible curriculum means Heads of Department can tailor their subject time to the requirements of that subject and year group. It also means that ours is not an environment where bells mark the change of lessons.

Different year groups will follow different daily routines, boys are taught the importance of self-management and good timekeeping, and are entrusted to move themselves around the School site quietly and efficiently.

Results overall very solid, a reflection of the effort to instill self-discipline, hard work and high expectations. Parents believe the school gets the balance just right.

The Good Schools Guide

Years 7 and 8

In Years 7 and 8, pupils study:

Mathematics English Information and Communication Technology (ICT) French Spanish Latin
Biology Chemistry Physics STEAM Art Drama
Music Geography History Religious Studies / Philosophy Physicsl Education (PE) Games

Year 9

In Year 9, pupils study:

Mathematics English Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Biology Chemistry Physics
Geography History Religious Studies / Philosophy Physical Education (PE) Games Reading

And they choose five from:

Latin* Spanish* French* Drama Music Art STEAM

*Languages dependent on previous experience

Years 10 and 11

In Years 10 and 11, pupils study:

English Language (IGCSE) English Literature (IGCSE) Mathematics (IGCSE)

And they choose six from:

Classical Greek Computer Science Religious Studies / Philosophy French Spanish Latin
Biology (IGCSE) Chemistry (IGCSE) Design & Technology Physics (IGCSE) Art Drama
Music Geography (IGCSE) History (IGCSE) Physical Education (PE) Games

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, students choose three or four from:

English Literature Mathematics Further Mathematics Latin French Spanish
Biology Chemistry Physics Art Drama and Theatre Studies
Music Geography History Philosophy Classical Greek Politics Economics
Business Studies Psychology Computer Science Music Technology Classical Civilisations