Outdoor Pursuits

John Lyon is proud to provide its pupils a range of adventurous activities as part of the Outdoor Pursuits Programme. These are typically activities that don’t fit into the usual school sports remit, but we believe give our pupils valuable and memorable opportunities to try new things, as well as to develop existing skills in a new environment or format. We run activities for all senior year groups, and not only do pupils benefit from potentially discovering a new sport or activity that they might love, but also from developing the courage and resilience to try new things and overcome the challenges of learning something new and unfamiliar. Some events within the programme provide our pupils the opportunity to build on and broaden skills they may already have such as open-water swimming or climbing in the Peak District. We believe that such events help to give our pupils a rich and varied experience of education and help to shape them into well-rounded, healthy and confident young people.

Previous and upcoming activities:



Horse Riding


Mountain Biking