27 July 2023

Motet Choir trip to Chichester Cathedral

The Motet Choir embarked on another remarkable musical journey to the halls of Chichester Cathedral on Wednesday 28th June following their memorable excursion to the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany in the autumn term. 

When we arrived at this fantastic venue, I was shocked by the sheer detail in the decoration. It was not just a grand, towering structure, but one with impressive designs and decorations. I was honoured simply to be in a venue like this. When we began rehearsals, I was extremely impressed with the acoustics. It was unlike any venue I have sung in with motet before – our voices were amplified to the point where it felt as if we, as a choir, were the voice of God speaking in the cathedral. 

“When we finally got to the service, it was a transcendent experience. The voices of all in the choir and the skilful playing of the organ by Mr Jones created a harmonious blend of sound that was simply an unmatched experience. On top of this fantastic experience, everyone who sung in the Evensong service learnt a lot about the feeling and atmosphere choral music creates, and the vocal projection one needs to really harness and make the best use of the unique acoustics of a cathedral. A huge thank you to the music department and all teachers involved in this trip – it was a fantastic experience, and I can say unanimously that all members of motet who sang in the service resonate with these feelings! Overall, an excellent trip and a transcendent experience.” ~ Amaroo (8GMM)