23 May 2023

John Lyon win back-to-back international sustainability competitions

Congratulations to our John Lyon Senior and Quainton Hall Prep teams for winning both of their categories in the Harrow 451 Sustainability competition and also being runners-up in the second round.

This competition, run by 8billionideas, involves participation from across the John Lyon Foundation, including our friends at Harrow School, all Harrow International Schools, and also our John Lyon Senior and Quainton Hall Prep teams. It provides an opportunity for students from Year 6 to Sixth Form to explore ways to enhance sustainability in our world. It is worth noting that our Sixth Form team has successfully clinched the top spot in their category for the second consecutive year!

Our Quainton Hall Prep team, emerged victorious in the first round of the competition with their innovative concept of the Power Shoe. This groundbreaking solution harnesses the potential of generating electricity while wearing the shoe, which can be stored and utilized at a later time. By employing a dynamo mechanism and leveraging kinetic energy from walking, this concept has the potential to revolutionize energy generation through everyday physical activity.

Similarly, our John Lyon Senior team, comprising of Akinyosoye, Reshaanpal, Yosif, Aryan, Mehmet, Danyal and Laksh secured first place in the third round of the competition with their ingenious concept ‘Grid Iron.’ This remarkable idea envisions the recharging of gym equipment while individuals engage in exercise, thereby reducing membership fees and increasing accessibility for those with lower incomes. By adopting this innovative approach, the demand for electricity from the grid can be reduced, simultaneously promoting physical fitness. Furthermore, our team has proposed the development of a mobile app that would enable users to monitor their progress, compete with friends and family, and potentially evolve into a social media phenomenon. They have ambitious plans to further refine their concept by presenting it to the panel on BBC’s Dragons’ Den next year!

Overall, the achievements of our Quainton Hall Prep and John Lyon Senior teams exemplify their ambitions and dedication to creativity, enquiry and innovation in the pursuit of sustainability. Well done to all our friends from across the Harrow Family of Schools for taking part in this truly meaningful global community event.