13 October 2023

John Lyon hosts VEX Robotics season’s UK opener

We proudly hosted the 2023-2024 VEX Robotics UK season opener, welcoming 20 teams from eight different external schools, as well as three teams representing John Lyon. This prestigious event attracted international teams from as far as Turkey, and we were privileged to be chosen as the host venue.

Among the participants were two of our seasoned robotics teams, who previously showcased their talents at the World Robotics Championships in Dallas earlier this year; our IQ team becoming 1st of all UK independent schools and 2nd of all UK schools. They were joined by our newest team, comprising Year 9 pupils Joshua (9MRF) and Harshil (9GMM). We commend all three teams for their outstanding performance, with a special congratulations to Joshua and Harshil, who emerged victorious in the ‘Skills’ section. Their impressive win has secured John Lyon’s place in the National Championship in March.

We are very fortunate to be able to provide opportunities such as these for our pupils who have an interest in robotics and programming thanks to the generous support of the 1876 Fund. The Fund has enabled the purchase of robots, equipment and entry into the competitions, and we are thankful to all in our community who have contributed to this success.

Here’s wishing our John Lyon teams the very best for the forthcoming season! Well done and congratulations to all involved.