13 August 2020

University of London and Russell Group dominate list of John Lyon A-Level university destinations

Hard work and dedication in the face of great difficulty and uncertainty has paid off for John Lyon A-Level students, with many securing coveted places at the UK’s leading universities.

Despite relying on a unique grading system — the result of no summer exams being sat — John Lyon students have achieved the grades needed to study at a range of institutions.


  • The London School of Economics and Bristol University will each welcome at least four John Lyon students
  • 40% of confirmed university places are to the University of London
  • Two-thirds of confirmed university places are to Russell Group institutions

With continued uncertainty over final grades to be awarded to students, John Lyon has made the decision not to release School grade data at this time.
This information will be issued in due course.

John Lyon A-Level 2020

Husain Abedi celebrates with his father

As ever, entry to institutions in the University of London is high for John Lyon A-Level students, with at least 14 members of the year group staying in the capital to take up places at LSE, UCL, King’s College, City, Queen Mary and Royal Holloway.

Other leading Russell Group universities around the country will enrol John Lyon boys, including Durham, Warwick, Nottingham, Southampton, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol.

Other students will take up courses at a range of UK and overseas universities and performing arts institutes, take gap years before embarking on the next stages of their lives, go into part-time study alongside the workplace, or move straight into post-school employment.

The diversity of courses which will be studied is typically large, including Medicine, International Relations, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Dentistry, Economics, English and History, which reflects on the great strength across the full academic curriculum offered at John Lyon.

There have been many notable individual successes.

John Lyon A-Level 2020

Adam Zoromba combined his studies with captaining the School Football team

Christopher Lau achieved A* A* A* A and will go to King’s College London to study Medicine. He said: “I’m over the moon that King’s offered me place. I never thought something like this could happen, but I’m extremely grateful that it did. From seeing the outcry over how grades have been distributed this year, I’m also really grateful that I was one of the lucky people, but my heart and best wishes really goes out to those who have had their university plans disrupted by this, and I sincerely hope they receive the top grades that they thoroughly deserve and have their hard work recognised.

“This year has been one with many surprises and pitfalls, but I’m eternally grateful that my work was recognised and I’m truly excited and honoured to be able to start my medical studies at King’s.”

Head Boy Husain Abedi (A* A* A A) will now study International Relations and History at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Adam Zoromba (A* A* A A), who showed great commitment to his academic studies as well as captaining  the 1st XI Football team, achieved the grades to study Law and Anthropology at LSE.

Liam Velani has immersed himself in politics throughout this School career

He said: “I am ecstatic to have achieved my grades and got into London School of Economics. This has been a peculiar year to say the least, and I am thrilled to have achieved my end goal with the help of the John Lyon staff. I particularly want to thank Head of Football Mr Rice and his team for getting me through a challenging year; football has been a great way to overcome academic stress and I am forever thankful. John Lyon, you will be missed.”

Liam Velani (A* A A A), who has been an active member of the Harrow Youth Parliament for a number of years and who completed his work experience in the House of Commons, will go to Warwick University to study Politics and International Studies. He said: “I am really happy with my A-level results, particularly given all the uncertainty and changes which have taken place this year. I am looking forward to going to Warwick University and starting a new chapter in my life. The last several years have been instrumental in getting me to this place, and I wouldn’t be here without the guidance and support John Lyon has provided me over this time.”

Sebastian Clifford-Varley has an orchestral scholarship to Royal Holloway

Sebastian Clifford-Varley (A A A) will study Music with an orchestral scholarship at Royal Holloway University of London.

John Lyon Head, Miss Katherine Haynes, added: “This has been the most difficult year for John Lyon A-Level students that anyone here can remember. Not only have they been unable to sit the most important examinations of their lives, for which they had shown great dedication, they have also had to wait patiently for many weeks to discover what grades they would be awarded.

“To see the range of universities and courses shows the great amount of hard work put in by both students and their teachers.

“We wish all our departing students every success and happiness as they leave John Lyon.”


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