25 April 2023

Huge success for our new Year 8 racers

We are thrilled to announce the success of our Year 7, 8 and 9 racers in their first Greenpower race car competition at Mallory Park Races! Our pupils have demonstrated incredible teamwork and engineering skills by building the race car themselves, with pupils from all across the school contributing to the project. Despite being new to the competition, our racers managed to secure an impressive 10th place out of 28 teams, a remarkable achievement considering the experience of the other participants. We couldn’t be prouder of their performance and hard work leading up to the race.

Our pupils’ desire to apply their newly acquired knowledge and improve their race car is a testament to their passion and dedication. This is one of many examples of the practical and engaging STEM education we offer through hands-on learning opportunities like the Greenpower race car project and the VEX robotics.

We look forward to what our young racers achieve next!