05 December 2022

Head Boy Lunch talk by Marco Evans (OL 2002)

This term’s Head Boy Lunch was attended by Marco Evans (OL 2002), who gave an insight into his career journey in Finance and Wealth Management and the highs and lows of investing.

Our Head Boy Lunch series provides pupils across the School an understanding of various industry sectors and what qualifications, skills and attributes can support their career ambitions. A broad variety of topics are chosen each term by the Head Boy Team.

During the Lunch, Marco explained why investments are important and how inflation can be a threat to your spending power over a prolonged period of time.

Marco explained it is important to look at the fundamental values of each company when making an investment decision to ensure long-term returns. This is because some companies have become successful due to complacency and a lack of development on the part of other once-dominant companies. It shows how the markets change over time depending on the shape of demand and the financial situation.

Pupils gave good and detailed questions about the stock market, trade and when to invest. Youki M was most impressed regarding a question on how viable investment into IPOs can be.

After leaving John Lyon in 2002, Marco read Economics and Managements Science at Southampton University and later worked in the fund management industry managing portfolios for a variety of clients including private, institutional and national portfolios.