13 January 2023

Goldhawk Lecture Series talk by Zaki Sarraf

Old Lyonian (2015) Zaki Sarraf, now a death penalty caseworker for the organisation Reprieve, joined us as the guest speaker at our Goldhawk Lecture Series event this week. Our Goldhawk Lecture Series talks provide an insight into the variety of careers that go beyond the standard curriculum for our Sixth Form pupils and it was great to hear from Zaki about his very interesting career path so far.

Zaki spoke about his role in supporting victims of extreme human rights abuse in the Middle East as well as his role as a reporter for an award-winning online law and justice magazine which covers issues and topics relating to asylum seekers, immigrants and victims of human trafficking.

It was wonderful to have Zaki join us, and we would like to thank him for his insightful talk, which was truly fascinating and inspirational.